downloadWestern Digital is one of the brand that manufactures different data storage devices such as hard drives, external hard drives and other data storage device. It is most reliable device used to transfer data from one device to another. In spite of lots of features, yet files are deleted or lost from WD hard disk drive. In such case, user lose plenty of files and folder from hard drive. In such horrible condition, user is looking to significant tool to recover files with ease.

Western Digital Recovery tool is an essential software can be installed on both Windows and Mac system to recover deleted or lost data from WD hard drive. This recovery tool is capable in recovering files from hard drive, external hard drive and several other storage device. The software can also recover files from HFS, EXFAT, FAT, NTFS and HFSX file system. Once you recover files with the help of this software, you can easily restore them on any data storage device.

Reasons for data loss from hard disk drive

  • Accidental Deletion
  • Formatting
  • Use of Unreliable Software
  • Bad Sector
  • File System Corruption
  • Power Failure
  • Abrupt Ejection
  • Error while File Transfer
  • Virus Infection

Above are some of the reasons due to which files from Western digital hard drive get lost or deleted from the system. This software can be easily launched on different operating system to recover data from Western Digital drive.

Precaution to overcome different scenarios

  • Always check the files before deleting from the hard drive
  • Use reliable software to avoid data loss from WD hard drive
  • Use upgraded antivirus tool to minimize the effect of virus attack
  • Apply emergency supply to system to remove the chances of power failure
  • Never eject the external data storage device from system abruptly

Features of Western Digital Recovery Software

  • Western Digital Recovery tool can be used on different system to recover deleted or lost files within few simple steps.
  • The software allow you to recover 300 file types including generic and RAW file types. It also provide option to user to add new file types under the guidance of technical support type.
  • The demo version of this application can be launched on all Windows and Mac system to perform data recovery from Western Digital hard drive.
  • Apart from Western Digital, you can also recover data from Buffalo, Seagate, Toshiba, SanDisk and several other brands.
  • With this tool, you are able to recover damaged, corrupted, formatted and reformatted WD hard drives within few mouse clicks.
  • Save Recovery Session of this application provide facility to the user to resume the recovery process any time.

Lenovo-logoLenovo is a Chinese company which manufactures various electronics gadgets like data storage devices, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, televisions, workstations, servers, etc. In the year of 2015, Lenovo was the world major computer seller. Its data storage devices have very advanced features by which people make the use of them for their personal and professional purpose. Lenovo storage devices offer advanced features such as high data transferring rate, large storage capability, durability, capability, safety and security of files. Beside these features sometimes people may encounter file deletion issue from their Lenovo storage device.

After facing such file deletion issue, people want to recover deleted files Lenovo at any cost because these deleted files can be their professional or personal files. So to get back deleted files from Lenovo, people need to utilize an advanced third party recovery tool because there is no manual way to perform deleted file recovery. Lenovo Data Recovery is one of the efficient program which has specially developed to recover deleted files Lenovo devices. It has developed by expert IT professionals with the help of advanced recovery algorithms which performs deep scanning of Lenovo device and get back each bit of information as it was previously. To know more, check this page:

Before talking about the features of this Lenovo Data Recovery application let us talk about few most frequent causes which may lead to file deletion from Lenovo devices:

Accidental Deletion: While deleting some other useless files, people may end up with wrongly selection of important files and delete them. If file deletion happens from system drive, then it will be recovered from recycle Bin folder. But if it is from an external device, then it will get deleted permanently from storage device.

File System Corruption: File system is responsible for saving and retrieving the files saved in storage device. If this file system gets damaged due to any causes such as severe virus infection or power surge, then the entire files present on the drive become inaccessible and people face file deletion issue.

Third Party Tool: Utilizing any untrusted third party app like antivirus program can also lead to file deletion from storage device. During the scanning process, if antivirus finds any virus infected file, then it will remove the file from device which will lead to file deletion.

Master Boot Recorder Error: MBR keeps all the basic information about the system that is required for booting the system. If this MBR gets damaged then all the files present it has become unreachable.

Whatever can be a cause behind file deletion, people can easily recover deleted files Lenovo with the help of Lenovo Data Recovery software. This ready to use tool provide a preview feature by which people can take the preview of recovered files before saving them to drive. With the help of this app, people can easily recovers all type of files such as documents, text files, images, videos, applications, audios, excel, etc. in few mouse clicks. This utility is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac based operation systems. Lenovo Data Recovery app allows people to recover files from various storage devices, including external hard drive, Compact Flash cards, Pen drive, iPods, Smartphones, etc.

outlook_icon_thumb800Outlook is one of the widely used email client. It is used for sending and receiving the emails among people. It is very easy to use and also having a number of features including email, calendar, task manager, contacts, note making and journal. Outlook has designed and marketed by Microsoft Corp and comes along with MS Office Suit. This application uses a file known as PST (Personal Storage Table) to store user profile info. This file contains info like username, password, emails, contacts, tasks, etc. There are a number of Outlook versions has launched by Microsoft Corp such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Each Outlook version has some new and advanced features.

MS Outlook provides a number of features like emails, contacts, appointments, tasks, RSS feeds, calendar, notes, migrating, etc. With the help of these features, people can do their work very effectively. Sometimes, when people want to change the system or looking for Windows or Outlook upgradation, then they need an efficient migration tool which helps them to carry all the information very easily. Migrate Outlook is one of the advanced utility which allows people to migrate the complete Outlook data easily. This application has designed with special algorithms to overcome all types of problems arising at the time of outlook migration process.

Need of Outlook Migration Application:

  • During upgrading or reinstalling the Windows system, there is need to Outlook data transferring to new system.
  • Upgrading the Outlook application from lower to upper version, there is chance of Outlook data file corruption. So keep data file save and secure, it is required.
  • If any virus attack occurs in system, in such case it is required to export Outlook data to other system for avoiding and protect Outlook files from being corrupted.

Apart from these reasons, there are some other causes in which migration of Outlook is required. So With the help of this Migrate Outlook app, people can easily transfer their data from one system to other. This software is capable to handle any type of corruption, data loss, inaccessibility issue in outlook profile, etc. very easily. This tool supports all the version of Microsoft Outlook application for migration such as MS outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. With the help of this utility, people can also schedule the backup of Outlook data in weekly, monthly or daily basis. To know more, follow this page:

Migrate Outlook software supports all the Windows based operating systems including Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win Server 2003 and Server 2008. This app also allows user to take the backup of emails by using smart email backup option. It is capable to take the backup of MS Outlook attributes such as email folders, rules, Calendar item, RSS feed, journal entries, contacts, tasks, notes, settings, etc. This ready to use tool also allows people to repair PST file which gets damaged after migration process.

Fixing PST tool

I am using Windows system in which Outlook application is installed for my personal use. When I upgrade my Outlook application all previous files become inaccessible. I use inbuilt tool to repair those files but I am unable to fix single file. Can anyone suggest third party tool to repair Outlook data in a hassle free way?

Inbox repair tool is one of the best tools to repair different attributes of Outlook files. With this tool, you can fix Outlook files in few simple steps. Using this Outlook repair tool, you can repair files from different version of Outlook application. You can also repair password protected files from Inbox repair tool. You can purchase this outstanding tool online and repair almost all attributes of Outlook files.

Reasons for corruption of Outlook files

Oversized Issue: The Outlook files have some memory size limit. When the size of Outlook files increase its limit then there are chance that saved Outlook file get corrupted.

Virus Attack: Virus and Malware programs can affect the Outlook files and later on results in corruption of such file. When your system gets infected then there is lot more chances of corruption of Outlook files.

Improper Installation of Outlook Application: When the Outlook application is not installed properly on the system then there are chances that Outlook files get corrupted.

Other Factor: Some of the other circumstances for corruption of Outlook files are improper termination of Outlook application, network problem, multiple OAB version, etc.

Inbox tool can be used to repair almost all scenarios mentioned above. This tool can be installed to repair Outlook files on all the versions of application.

Features of Inbox Repair Tool

  • It is one of the effective and efficient tools to repair PST and OST files in few steps.
  • This repair tool can also fix password protected Outlook with utmost ease.
  • With this Outlook fixer tool, you can fix contacts, emails, journal, notebook, etc.
  • You can fix damaged and corrupted PST files with few mouse clicks.
  • Find option is there to sort out repaired Outlook files using file signature.
  • This software is available online repair damaged PST and OST files.

safeSafe and secure internet is one of the major need of every computer user. When people connect to the Internet, then there is chance of vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers can thieve users important information such as tax records, passwords, credit card numbers, Bank account information, or even also cripple the complete system. So to keep your system safe and secure follow these tips to avoid such issue.

Always create strong and smart passwords. Make it hard for hackers to crack password. People can create a smart password by integrating capital letters, special characters, numbers, and using more number of characters.

Email is a very good way to keep in touch with relatives, friends and family. It is also used as a tool to doings business. Even if people have good security program installed on the system, still, friends and family might not have same security. Be careful about the information that you are sending via email. And also never send most important information like credit card, Social Security number, password, bank account details or other private information via email.

Be careful at the time of using instant messaging application. During using IM software to communicate with friends and family, or other business partner is careful about sharing any personal data through online communications. Keep yourself safe by using a nickname for instant messaging screen names, so your name is not displayed on IM screen. Never try to accept the request from strangers into IM groups. Be smart about how you are using instant messaging at work because your employer has the right to monitor and view your personal messages.

If you are using online stores or plan to order something from an online, then be careful and make sure that the Website is secure and using secure technology. When you are at the checkout or payment screen, make sure that the Web address begins with https and also having same url or site name. Also, check to see if a tiny locked padlock symbol seems at the right bottom of the checkout screen, or that there is a statement on the checkout screen stating that the pages are secure with a security technology vendor.

Internet games are used by people because they are very funny for the entire family. Be sure when playing online games, particularly when communicating with other players. Be sure that security software on your system is still working during in gaming mode.

With the widespread use of USB storage devices, USB partition data deletion or loss has become a major concern now. Especially when every precautionary measure is taken to avoid it, however there are instances which cannot be avoided. So, what will be your stance when you come across a situation where you will lose all your important data? There is no way other than recovery.

What will be your approach to get back your lost data from USB Partition?USB

Sooner or later recovery will be an essential task for those who lose their data either accidentally or due to intentional deletion. However in order to recover data from USB drive you may have to make use of reliable tool to carry out recovery process to meet the requirement.

In many cases, a partition may result inaccessible due to malfunctioning of software or due to file system infection. For example consider that you have connected your USB drive to computer and it prompted you to format the drive in order to use it. In this situation you may eventually lose all your data from USB partition if you format the drive. The day may still come when you have to face this kind of situation; however there is no need to be tensed as you can rely on USB Partition Recovery Tool to get back all your lost.

Features Available with USB Partition Recovery Tool

  • Originality and simplicity of this tool is reflected by its unique user interface design, the process makes you walk through simple steps making it more easier to handle and accomplish the task smoothly
  • All the files which are recovered can be made displayed with file name, file type, date of creation, size of file
  • Does a great job in recovering data from various brands of USB drive such as Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, Sony and many others
  • With favorable reviews belted it can recover partition USB data with much security and guarantees that there is no harm to your drive and data
  • Multi-platform software can be installed on Windows and Mac based computer (there are two different version of software available for installation)
  • What is unique about this tool is, it helps you recover data with much ease even when you stuck in mishaps such as formatted USB drive, reformatted USB drive, bad sectors on drive, non-booting drives

Data recovery from USB drive is at times unpredictable as it is never a sure thing. However even if the data is recovered it’s not sure that it will be intact. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to get back your lost data. Nevertheless if you do so, you can opt for USB Partition Recovery Tool.

When you find that the data is lost or deleted from your USB drive then avoid using the drive until you perform recovery on it. In case there is any kind of action performed before recovery then it can impact on the chances of data recovery.

Collective Data Loss Scenarios

  • You may at times accidentally format or reformat the drive without backup of your important data
  • Data loss may happen when you suddenly eject the drive when there is some operation going on between USB drive and computer

Things to Remember

  • Make sure to have your essential data stored as backup
  • Never share your data or connect USB drive to harmful computer
  • Never deal with advanced options until and unless you have full knowledge on it. For example partitioning USB drive can at times end up badly resulting complete data loss

Usually Pixel brand supports chrome OS laptop, but for the first time Google introduces its first Pixel C tablet having screen size of 10.2 inch. The Pixel C tablet has optional Bluetooth keyboard. Pixel C tablet is a high- end machine which is made up of aluminum shell and having brushed metal look. It is having a detachable keyboard. On the bottom of the keyboard there is a plastic nub. It is a solid built tablet having weight at half a kilo or 1.1 pound. Instead of having almost 1 pound of weight, it doesn’t feel heavy.

Google First Pixel C Tablet

When you search about pixel brand, the first thing which comes in your mind is about the screen. Talking about the Pixel C tablet screen, it is a 10 inch having 2560 * 1800 resolution. The contrast ratio of this tablet is 1500:1. This is a more attractive and beautiful screen. It has an unusual aspect ratio. This is one of the brightest screen tablet.

For browsing the web and working on documents, land scape mode ratio is quite good. Using this ratio, you can easily split the screen in half. This is very ideal for split screen view also. With the help of 3 GB RAM and Nvidia Tegra K1, it work smoothly. According to Google the battery backup is up to 10 hour. C in Pixel indicates USB Type C port which is used for charging. There is four microphones used in the tablet and the speaker quality of the tablet is very impressive.

About the keyboard:

The keyboard used in the tablet is of $ 149. It is very small in size but overall performance is quite good. It is chicklet – style keyboard which is good for gaming also and the Google’s key are almost same as an Apple keyboard.

As this tablet has a detachable keyboard, so the main defining feature of the keyboard is how to attach them. Unlike the surface there is no hinge on the tablet. Simply align the tablet with the keyboard and they’ll click together. It uses magnet to attach the keyboard with the screen and the given magnet is very strong. The best thing about this magnet attachable keyboard is, it never detach with the screen accidentally.

There are no connectors to connect the keyboard and tablet over the Bluetooth. The keyboard charges inductively when it connect with the tablet. This means there is no problem about charging it and you need not to worry for charging.

hdd deleted dataAt times, users may lose their essential data because of many issues. In such situations, most of us might get panic about to recover lost or missing files from any hard drive. Don’t be worry this blog suggest the step by step procedure to download & use File Restore utility.

This tool is compatible working on several types of partitions like HFS, ExtFAT, FAT16, NTFS5, FAT32 and HFSX volumes/partitions. File Restore is the ultimate file recovery software consists of powerful scanning algorithm to get back missing files from Windows or Mac machines. With the assistance of File Restore utility you can easily recover data from damaged, partition, formatted, corrupted or virus infected drives. Supports to regain different types of files from SD card, external hard drive, smartphones, pen drives, MMC cards, Fire Wire drives, CF cards, xD cards, and many other secondary data storage medium.

Common factors for deletion or missing of files:

  • Accidental Deletion: It is one of the important scenario that makes the data loss. When any portable device is connected to your PC to take backup or to move the files, while choosing the files to delete which are older/unwanted you might unintentionally select necessary files instead of older files and folders.
  • Virus Infection: As any removable/external drives are portable thus there is high chance of malware or virus infection. It is also plays a vital role in loosing of files from external hard drive. Dangerous malicious threats leads the USB drive damage or corrupt and becomes unreadable.
  • MBR Boot Error: Mater Boot Record is very crucial to boot any computer hard disk. Assume, if you face any MBR boot error because of unknown factors then hard drive gets corrupted and files saved in it gets erased/missing.
  • Abrupt Shutdown: While accessing of files if PC/laptop get sudden shutdown because of power failure and file system of the hard drive get corrupt. Hence the files stored in drives get inaccessible.
  • Presence of Bad Sector: Bad sector is produced on the system hard drive and suppose if the bad sectors increase then there may be huge chance of corruption in the hard disk. This leads to erase of crucial file from the drive.

Along with above stated reasons there are some other issues that leads to missing of files are use of third party application, partition/repartition, CRC error, unintentional format, improper shutdown of system, etc. User can successfully get rid of all these scenarios by use of File Restore software that recovers all files from the computer hard drive.

Highlights of File Restore Tool:

This software is compatible on all popular editions of Windows and Macintosh OS including Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Yosemite, Leopard, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion. With the assist of “Preview” option you can check the recovered files before saving. You can effectively restore lost/deleted files from accidentally formatted drives, partition or crashed hard drives.

Suppose, if you don’t find the exact location of the files is deleted or lost, then this file recovery utility allows you to find using. Recovers missing files from hard drive interfaces SATA, SCSI, PATA, and IDE. Support team is avail 24/7 to assist the customers if they find any problems while recovering files.

“Please can anybody help me out this issue? While making use of memory card, I accidentally hit wrong option which results in loss of files from it. From that moment, I was struggling for the way and also feeling panic about the data loss. As I forget to keep backup of lost data, at any cost I need to recover lost files from the memory card. If any way of recovering memory card data is available? Please let me know so that I can opt for that and recover lost data from memory card. It will be highly appreciated if you let me know.”restore memory card

Hi everyone, here in this article I would like to introduce you about recovering software which can easily perform recovery of memory card and get restores all lost files with ease. Recover memory card software which is designed especially to perform memory card recovery and helps in restoring lost files form it without any difficulty.

If in case, memory card formatted due to any reason which may lead to the deletion of all files from memory card and this format option makes memory card new one by clearing all the existing data. You need not worry about the loss of files from the memory card as because this utility even performs recovering of files after formatting of memory card also. This tool has advanced techniques to recover files from memory card, let us study some more features for which this software is popular for recovering files.

Special characteristics of this Utility:

  • Different files like audio file, video file, image, document, software, games, applications , tasks, and may more files can be recovered with the help of this software as this tool is equipped with strong algorithm.
  • As this software uses the scanning procedure which is capable of scanning entire device and restore memory card files in just couple of minutes.
  • Check this out demo version of this recovering software which helps you in knowing its performance of how easy it recovers files from memory card.

These are some special characteristics of this recovering software, now it is time to discuss the reasons for which the files get lost from the memory card. As in many cases, we see sometimes files get lost disappear from the memory card due to which users may face difficulty. So here it is important to know how actually files get deleted or lost from the SD card, so that you can follow the steps and can able to prevent your data getting lost from the XD card.

How data get lost or deleted from memory card?

  • When users opt for formatting memory card unknowingly or knowingly, files get erased from the SD card. As the formatting button is made to clear entire data of the card, specially should be opt when you are planning to add new data to the card or to make the data free from virus. So if users accidentally use formatting option while accessing the files of card, then data will get erase and users should for this utility to get back lost files.
  • Sometimes files get infected with virus attack or any malware conflicts, then the files becomes inaccessible due to which users should forcefully opt for deleting of corrupted files. So here also files get deleted from SD card.

Microsoft Outlook is the world’s most popular email client application which is used for communication purpose. It is developed by Microsoft Company and comes along with the package of Microsoft Office suite. It contains Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, meeting lists, calendar entries, RSS feeds, tasks, etc. and all these get stored in personal storage folder with .pst extension. So it is better to keep the backup of PST files in any storage folder.

Fixing PST tool

Sometimes you may come across the situation like corruption of your PST files. This happens due to various unexpected reasons like header corruption, file transfer interruption, network related problems, etc. If the corruption happens is at interior level you can make use of inbuilt repairing tool which i.e. scanpst.exe tool to repair the corrupted PST file. If the corruption is at extreme level then you have to make use of third party tools. Don’t waste your time in searching fixing tools because a reliable and 100% safe secured tool is readily available which is called as Fix PST tool. It is a read only tool it doesn’t modify the original PST file. It just read the content from it and fixes it by generating a new PST file.

Once your PST file gets corrupted you may popup with the following error messages:

  • File has reached its maximum size
  • The Outlook.pst is not a personal folder file.
  • The Outlook.pst file could not be found.
  • pst file cannot be accessed – 0x80040116, etc.

Before going to discuss the features of this software let us see the reasons behind the corruption of Outlook PST file.

  • Header Corruption: Header of each PST file is used to store the file details like file name, file size, file creation date, file modified date, etc. If it gets corrupted due to any reasons then it results in the corruption of PST files.
  • Bad Sectors: All the PST files are stored in any one of the partitions of hard drive. If the affect of bad sectors is more on these partitions then it results in the corruption of PST file and the user cannot able to open the files.
  • Error while Up-Grading Outlook: At the time of up-grading the Outlook older version to newer one if any error occurs like Abrupt system shutdown, etc. then it results in the corruption of PST files and the files become inaccessible.
  • File Transfer Interruption: While transferring the file on internet if any sort of interruption occurs like network failures, sudden system shutdown, etc. then it results in the corruption of Outlook PST files.
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons like Outlook application crash, hard drive crash, virus attacks, software conflicts, etc. also lead to the corruption of PST files.

Salient Features of Fix PST Tool:

This software can be able to fix the corrupted or damaged PST files on all the versions of Windows OS such as Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/server 2003 & server 2008. It supports all the Microsoft Outlook versions like Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000. This application is used for recovering Outlook attributes like emails, notes, contacts, appointments, tasks, calendar entries, RSS feeds, etc. It is used to repair password protected and highly encrypted PST files. This tool is used for recovering deleted folders and emails that are deleted accidentally. This tool provides the real time preview of PST file. Check it out this page to get detailed information about how to fix damaged or corrupted Outlook PST files.