“Hi folks, I am using 2013 edition of Microsoft Office Suite in my system for maintaining my Office files. And I have so many Word documents created and saved on my computer. Till yesterday I didn’t face any issue with my MS Office Word. But, yesterday evening, when I tried to open one of my Word document, which was saved in .docx format, I received an error message saying “The file contains custom XML elements that are no longer supported by Word. If you save this file, these custom XML elements will be removed permanently.” I accidentally clicked OK, after which the custom elements did not display in my Word document. As that Word document is very much needed, please can anyone suggest me a solution to recover my Word document? Thank you…!” 

Well, the versions of Microsoft Word that are distributed after January 20, 2010 no longer support the custom XML markup that may be contained within .docx, .docm, .dotx, .dotm, or .xml files. However, the new versions of Word 2007, Word 2010, and Word 2013 can still open these files, but any custom XML markup is removed.

The Word file after format error message can be recovered by using some powerful third party applications. My File Recovery is one such ideal and powerful tool that can retrieve Word files with their texts, images, and other RLE objects, after the occurrence of file format error message. My File Recovery software supports Word file recovery after format Windows computer that is running Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 2000, and XP.

One should know more about the Microsoft Word application. SO, here are the things that you need to know about your MS Word tool. Custom XML markup in a Word file is visible as pink tag names surrounding the text in a document

The deletion of custom XML markup is the result of a US court ruling on December 22, 2009. Usually, the customers who purchase Word 2007, 2010, or Word 2013 from Microsoft after January 10, 2010, for use in the United States and its territories must use the updated software that doesn’t include a particular custom XML tagging implementation. One should know what the features are not affected by the update. SO, here are the features that are not affected by the update

  1. Open XML standards are not affected.
  2. Ribbon XML and Ribbon Extensibility are not affected.
  3. Custom XML markup, which is stored within Word 97-2003 document files is not affected.
  4. Content controls are not affected. Content controls are a common method of structuring document content and mapping content to custom XML parts.
  5. Custom XML parts are not affected.
  6. The Word object model is not affected by the update. But, some object model methods that deal with custom XML markup may produce some different results.

safeSafe and secure internet is one of the major need of every computer user. When people connect to the Internet, then there is chance of vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers can thieve users important information such as tax records, passwords, credit card numbers, Bank account information, or even also cripple the complete system. So to keep your system safe and secure follow these tips to avoid such issue.

Always create strong and smart passwords. Make it hard for hackers to crack password. People can create a smart password by integrating capital letters, special characters, numbers, and using more number of characters.

Email is a very good way to keep in touch with relatives, friends and family. It is also used as a tool to doings business. Even if people have good security program installed on the system, still, friends and family might not have same security. Be careful about the information that you are sending via email. And also never send most important information like credit card, Social Security number, password, bank account details or other private information via email.

Be careful at the time of using instant messaging application. During using IM software to communicate with friends and family, or other business partner is careful about sharing any personal data through online communications. Keep yourself safe by using a nickname for instant messaging screen names, so your name is not displayed on IM screen. Never try to accept the request from strangers into IM groups. Be smart about how you are using instant messaging at work because your employer has the right to monitor and view your personal messages.

If you are using online stores or plan to order something from an online, then be careful and make sure that the Website is secure and using secure technology. When you are at the checkout or payment screen, make sure that the Web address begins with https and also having same url or site name. Also, check to see if a tiny locked padlock symbol seems at the right bottom of the checkout screen, or that there is a statement on the checkout screen stating that the pages are secure with a security technology vendor.

Internet games are used by people because they are very funny for the entire family. Be sure when playing online games, particularly when communicating with other players. Be sure that security software on your system is still working during in gaming mode.

Usually Pixel brand supports chrome OS laptop, but for the first time Google introduces its first Pixel C tablet having screen size of 10.2 inch. The Pixel C tablet has optional Bluetooth keyboard. Pixel C tablet is a high- end machine which is made up of aluminum shell and having brushed metal look. It is having a detachable keyboard. On the bottom of the keyboard there is a plastic nub. It is a solid built tablet having weight at half a kilo or 1.1 pound. Instead of having almost 1 pound of weight, it doesn’t feel heavy.

Google First Pixel C Tablet

When you search about pixel brand, the first thing which comes in your mind is about the screen. Talking about the Pixel C tablet screen, it is a 10 inch having 2560 * 1800 resolution. The contrast ratio of this tablet is 1500:1. This is a more attractive and beautiful screen. It has an unusual aspect ratio. This is one of the brightest screen tablet.

For browsing the web and working on documents, land scape mode ratio is quite good. Using this ratio, you can easily split the screen in half. This is very ideal for split screen view also. With the help of 3 GB RAM and Nvidia Tegra K1, it work smoothly. According to Google the battery backup is up to 10 hour. C in Pixel indicates USB Type C port which is used for charging. There is four microphones used in the tablet and the speaker quality of the tablet is very impressive.

About the keyboard:

The keyboard used in the tablet is of $ 149. It is very small in size but overall performance is quite good. It is chicklet – style keyboard which is good for gaming also and the Google’s key are almost same as an Apple keyboard.

As this tablet has a detachable keyboard, so the main defining feature of the keyboard is how to attach them. Unlike the surface there is no hinge on the tablet. Simply align the tablet with the keyboard and they’ll click together. It uses magnet to attach the keyboard with the screen and the given magnet is very strong. The best thing about this magnet attachable keyboard is, it never detach with the screen accidentally.

There are no connectors to connect the keyboard and tablet over the Bluetooth. The keyboard charges inductively when it connect with the tablet. This means there is no problem about charging it and you need not to worry for charging.