Fixing PST toolIn this era of technology, email is one of the most commonly used ways of communication. People use email communication for their personal as well as professional works. There are a number of email service providers available over internet which provides free emailing service. To access their service, people need to sign up with on their websites and can access their services. In order to perform a lot of tasks, people also configure their email account with an email client app like Outlook. This Outlook has been developed by Microsoft Corp and it distributed with Office Suite. With the help of Outlook, people cannot only send and receive the emails but also able to perform a lot of actives like people can schedule emails, create contact list, folders, task, rules, calendar, categories and also save there relevant contacts or emails in particular folder very easily.

In order to save all these user data Outlook uses a file commonly known as a PST
(Personal Storage Table) file. This PST file is saved in user system with .pst file extension. Beside these features of MS Outlook, sometimes people may face email deletion or loss issue from their Outlook profile. After facing such difficult situations, people want to recover their emails at any cost because these deleted emails can be a part of their business. To recover these deleted or lost emails from Outlook, people need an advanced third party program like My Email Recovery because there is no other way to perform deleted email recovery.  This recovery program has been built by expert IT professional by using an advanced scanning algorithm which performs deep scanning and easily recover all deleted or lost emails from Outlook.

Most common causes behind the deletion or loss from Outlook:

  • During removing useless or spam emails from Outlook, people may wrongly select few important emails from their Outlook and delete them. This incorrect email deletion process will create a big trouble for users.
  • Viruses can also be reason behind the deletion of emails from Outlook data files. If PST file gets infected with any dangerous virus, then it will lead to email deletion from Outlook.
  • Unusually closing MS Outlook app during sync or upgradation process is going on can also be the reason behind emails deletion.
  • Previous versions of Outlook have some PST data file size limitation. If the size of PST file crosses this limit defined by Microsoft, then it became unreachable and email saved in PST file also become inaccessible.

In order to recover emails from Outlook which can be deleted or lost in any way as mentioned above, people can take the help of My Email Recovery program. This easy to use app has enough potential to restore deleted or lost emails from various versions of MS Outlook such as 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 very easily. With the help of My Email Recovery app people can recover deleted emails from password protected or encrypted Outlook data file without any difficulty. It is compatible with all the latest version of Microsoft Windows systems. After recovering the emails, it also allows user to take the preview of recovered emails as well as other information very easily.

Fixing PST tool

I am using Windows system in which Outlook application is installed for my personal use. When I upgrade my Outlook application all previous files become inaccessible. I use inbuilt tool to repair those files but I am unable to fix single file. Can anyone suggest third party tool to repair Outlook data in a hassle free way?

Inbox repair tool is one of the best tools to repair different attributes of Outlook files. With this tool, you can fix Outlook files in few simple steps. Using this Outlook repair tool, you can repair files from different version of Outlook application. You can also repair password protected files from Inbox repair tool. You can purchase this outstanding tool online and repair almost all attributes of Outlook files.

Reasons for corruption of Outlook files

Oversized Issue: The Outlook files have some memory size limit. When the size of Outlook files increase its limit then there are chance that saved Outlook file get corrupted.

Virus Attack: Virus and Malware programs can affect the Outlook files and later on results in corruption of such file. When your system gets infected then there is lot more chances of corruption of Outlook files.

 Improper Installation of Outlook Application: When the Outlook application is not installed properly on the system then there are chances that Outlook files get corrupted.

Other Factor: Some of the other circumstances for corruption of Outlook files are improper termination of Outlook application, network problem, multiple OAB version, etc.

Inbox tool can be used to repair almost all scenarios mentioned above. This tool can be installed to repair Outlook files on all the versions of application.

Features of Inbox Repair Tool

  • It is one of the effective and efficient tools to repair PST and OST files in few steps.
  • This repair tool can also fix password protected Outlook with utmost ease.
  • With this Outlook fixer tool, you can fix contacts, emails, journal, notebook, etc.
  • You can fix damaged and corrupted PST files with few mouse clicks.
  • Find option is there to sort out repaired Outlook files using file signature.
  • This software is available online repair damaged PST and OST files.

“Yesterday, while working in MS-Outlook 2013 on my PC, I had deleted some of my emails from mailbox by mistake. Later on I realized the importance of those mails but, that was already too late. Now, How could I recover deleted mail on MS-Outlook 2013?”

If you are also suffering from such a pathetic situation then no need to become worried, because here is the best solution for you to overcome this issue. Whenever emails get deleted from Outlook 2013, it gets moved to deleted items folder of mailbox and can be recovered quickly from there without any difficulty. But, in case if you have deleted emails from the Delete Items folder or empty it completely then you have to use a third party recovery tool to recover all your deleted e-mails. You must choose Recover Deleted Email Software which is pretty reliable as well as powerful recovery tool. This software has a built-in smart scanning algorithm that helps user to retrieve back all the deleted e-mails by repairing several corrupted or damaged PST file, which also helps to retrieve all the other attributes too of MS-Outlook 2013 like contacts, calendar, etc. with quite an ease. Using this tool anybody can perform erased email recovery for Outlook 2007 and other older versions like Outlook 2010 and 2003 with few easy steps. Apart from recovering deleted email you can also repair PST files which can’t be repaired by inbox repair tool i.e. scanpst.exe.

There are many reasons due to which emails and other Outlook attributes get deleted from PST file. One of them is oversize of PST file, as whenever the size of Outlook PST file exceeds its allotted size limit, in such a situation there are a lot of chance of damaging of PST file which may results in deletion of emails with other Outlook attributes. Recover Deleted Email software is having amazing recovery utility that use to scan entire Outlook 2013 mailbox and recovers all Outlook attributes and deleted items like emails, contacts, tasks, etc from MS-Outlook 2013 application. This software is capable to retrieve deleted emails from various Outlook applications like Outlook 2013, 2010, 2008 and 2005, etc.It is also read –only application which means it will never make any change to your email while recovering.

As you know Outlook attributes such as email, contacts, calendar items can be accessed only and only if PST file is free from corruption. If PST file is affected or gets damaged due to header corruption, or virus infection then the PST file items becomes invalid. This advanced software will overcome the entire problem and repair the corrupted file in just a few simple steps and restore all data. This tool is well renowned recovery tool which has been rated by experts and professionals due to its various advanced features which includes enhanced intuitive, complete email header recovery, etc there are several reasons for losing emails.  While performing compact operation with dbx file you may lose email due to corruption of .dbx file. Recover Deleted Email provides a perfect and precise solution for all email loss problems.


Are you currently an individual who incapable to access Outlook application? In every single effort of accessing Outlook, you are encountering an error message. Outlook account turn into inaccessible for more usage due corruption of PST file. PST file is data file which stores information of Outlook data including emails, notes, calendar items, etc. When the PST file is corrupted on account of any reasons then you turn into powerless to access Outlook account further. After having this type of issue, there is merely a way that makes your Outlook account accessible again, way is revival tool. Here you can use Outlook PST Recovery tool and effectively recover PST file effortlessly. It works with various existing versions on Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010, if you’re searching for an effective restoration tool as a way to restore Outlook data then this tool entirely suits to your need, with the aid of this tool you are able to fix corrupted or damaged PST file. Once it is fixed then you can definitely access Outlook as you were using before.

Some causes that could result in corruption of PST file:

  • Virus attack: Virus may harm system intact PST file. It is occurred once you connect system to online with no proper security. Whenever you do this then there is a chance of relocation of virus into system. As soon as the virus goes into system, then it might damage PST file and then you become incompetent to gain access to Outlook application further.
  • Improper Outlook termination: terminating Outlook application in an inappropriate way may result in corruption of PST file. It is happened whenever you do this then there is a possibility of header file corruption. Header file has the information associated with particular file, once it is corrupted then you become incompetent to gain access to Outlook application further.
  • Power surges: Power surge in the meanwhile once the PST file is accessing for read write operation then it could trigger abrupt system shutdown. When the system shutdown in such a way then it may result in corruption of header file. As soon as the header file is corrupted then you definitely become incompetent to access Outlook application further.
  • Up gradation of Outlook version: If you upgrade Outlook version to newer version to improve functionality. Once you do this then it is ok, however, you make an effort to import old PST file to newer version then it could trigger corruption of PST file. Once it is corrupted then it might influence ordinary utilization of Outlook application.

In every above mention factors behind PST corruption, you can make usage of Outlook PST Recovery tool and effectively perform Outlook PST restoration effectively. Along with discussed issues, you can make utilization of this tool in almost any other PST corruption issues. Thus, by concluding I would like to state that this tool is very useful you become unable to access Outlook then you can employ this tool to overcome from such circumstances.