Digital Video Express (DivX) is one of the most popular multimedia containers, it is a video format created by DivX Inc. It combines both the audio and video data within a single file and gives a perfect balance between size and quality of the videos. And it has the ability to compress the lengthy video segments into small sizes by maintaining visual quality.

If you have downloaded a DivX file which is large in size and your video player is unable to play that file, it can be problematic with some codec’s or the DivX file is damaged. It shows image frozen but audio kept playing, blocks of color in pixel distorted the picture and you tried to play the video in various media players like VLC, KM player, or Media Player which comes with the ability to handle this type of errors, even they cannot make DivX videos with severe multiple bad frames this leads to DivX file repair.

You may download the same file again and it might work well this time, but in case the size of the file is too big and connection of internet is also slow. If you want to DivX file repair, don’t be frustrated you can resolve this type of issues. However, there is one more approach that you can perform DivX file repair using the utility called Repair DivX Software. This tool easily repairs damaged or corrupted DivX files and it can also fix other video formats like AVI, XVID etc.

Scenarios that cause damage or corruption in DivX files

  • Due to virus infection or malware attack to a storage device which contains DivX files may corrupt them.
  • If the media player is crashed while playing DivX videos file, it makes take a long time due to this the file may be corrupted or damaged.
  • While converting the format of DivX video file to another format any sort of error can make your DivX file unable to access.
  • The DivX video file gets corrupted while transferring it from system to another storage factors like power surge may lead to loss of those files.
  • At the time of downloading DivX video file over the internet, it might not be downloaded fully because of bad internet connection resulting in video file corruption.
  • While playing DivX video clips in the system or any other digital device abrupt shut down may cause corruption in DivX video file’s header.
  • Trying to record a DivX video file from the device which is full in memory may lead to DivX video file corruption.

Finest Features of Repair DivX Software:

Repair DivX Tool scans the entire storage memory in quick time and displays the corrupted files list. The fixed DivX video files can be played both on Mac and Windows OS. You can preview repaired video file before saving it to different locations. This program is compatible to repair DivX file on both Mac and Windows-based system. DivX file repair can perform with the help of Repair DivX tool with ease. By the help of this tool, you can fix DivX video files on different storage devices such as computer hard drives, USB flash drives, external hard drives etc.

Is your media player shows errors like format not supported, file corrupted, etc. while running video files? All these above problems occurs due to corrupted video file.

Are you worried about how to fix damaged video file? If yes, then now onwards no need to worry on fixing corrupted video files to play them on your media player. There are several tools available in internet and you just need to download them to fix corrupted video files. However, you need to be careful while choosing software because an inefficient or untrusted application can makes your video files damaged permanently. So choose efficient and trusted or highly ranked software to fix corrupt video files. Use “Video Repair Tool” to sort out problems or efficiently perform corrupted video file repair, then use your video files to play with quality & accuracy.

Possible scenarios that damages video files:

  • Faulty Video Player: Recording video by camera, camcorder, mobile, etc with faulty software and using devices running low on battery can leads to corruption of video files.
  • Interruption: Sudden interruption while moving video files from one device to another. And also sudden power failure while transferring video files to another device can cause damage to video files
  • Exceeds in Storage Device Memory: Trying to store video files on storage device which has no free memory space can leads to corruption of video files.
  • Virus Attack: The video files get damaged due to virus infection and presence of bad sectors on storage devices.
  • Format Changing: Changing of video from one format to another can leads to corruption on video files.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios, some others reasons like incomplete downloading of video file from internet, missing in audio or video codec, malfunction of video player applications also causes corruption of video files.

Prominent Features of Video Repair Tool:

  • This tool is approved by experts and is popular in repairing video files.
  • It repairs all types of video file formats such as mp4, avi, mkv, 3gp, m4v, mov, flv, .mpeg etc
  • It provides simple user interface so any new user with a minimum technical knowledge can easily repair video files.
  • This utility is compatible on all the versions of Windows(Windows 8/7/ Vista/XP/2003/2000) and Mac (Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Yosemite)
  • It contains an advanced built in algorithm that separates both audio and video stream from a damaged video file and connect them to produce playable video file.
  • It is able to sort the repaired video files based on file name, size, date, extension etc.