Deleted Partition Recovery Software

Many people usually, stores lots of important data on a computer hard drive by creating different partitions or drives. A hard drive can store any type of data like audio, video, photos, word documents and spreadsheets etc. Often, users come across different situations where their crucial data may get lost or deleted due to various reasons like corruption in the hard disk drive or accidentally deleting a partition. However, this recovery software is efficient one to recover lost or deleted files from partitions that are deleted, corrupted or formatted and other specific reasons. To resolve such issues, My Partition Recovery software helps in restoring entire files and folders in just few mouse clicks.

Some of the scenarios that might cause data loss from deleted partition/drive:

Virus attack is one major cause of a partition/drive to get corrupted or damaged when a user utilizes any untrusted third party applications/malware on one particular drive. Then the files present in that drive will get virus infected and becomes inaccessible to users. However, in order to get rid of virus affected files, a user may wish to delete a partition and create a new one. During this process, if a user chooses wrong partition to delete. Then it results in severe data loss.

File system corruption is another main cause. During file system conversion from FAT to NTFS or NTFS to FAT, if any sort of power failure, installing spyware, driver issues etc occurs. Then the user will start receiving error messages like “Disk is not formatted, Do you wish to format it now?”, “Drive is not accessible” and more. When this kind of error message arises, a user won’t be having any sort of manual procedure to recover files stored in particular partition or drive.

Users might have faced the situation like hard drive failure, due to improper shut down of the system because of the power surge, logical errors, hardware errors and more. Then it might cause particular partition or drive to get corrupted or damaged. In addition to that, when any of the important files are stored in bad sectors present on the hard drive. Then user can’t gain access to those files and it will result in data loss. Whatever problems you might face, this powerful Partition Recovery software can easily resolve all such problems without difficulty.

This My Partition Recovery software can be used to recover lost or deleted a partition on Windows and Mac computers. It supports to restore formatted or deleted drive from different file system partitions/volumes like (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX and EXFAT etc.) This software has built in an algorithm which scans entire drive or volume, which can recover lost or deleted data with good efficiency. It performs hard drive recovery in case of unbootable hard drives, hard drive crash, re-partitioning errors etc. and also capable to get back data from corrupted or damaged flash memory card, FireWire drives, USB external drives and more. In addition, this software can also recover any password-protected data on hard disk drives.