Guidelines to fix large PST file

The PST file has its size limitation on various versions of Outlook. PST file format is used in Outlook to store emails and all other Outlook attributes. If you have continuously used your Outlook for the number of days, the PST file size will increase and there is a chance to get corrupt it when it reaches its maximum size. The size limitation of PST file on Outlook 2000 and its earlier versions is 2 GB. So, where the PST file will get corrupt if it reaches 2GB or more than this.

Whenever the PST file was corrupted your Outlook will not work properly i.e you are not able to send or receive emails and it will not allow accessing any data from the Outlook. In this case, if you have lost important emails like your client business deals, customer products order, billing information etc then it will affect your business. To overcome these problems, there are some companies which are providing software to repair large PST file. They have developed a strong algorithm to fix large PST file on various versions of Outlook.

Some of the scenarios of PST file corruption are explained below.

  • Virus attack: sometimes the viruses can enter into your system through removable drives or some third party websites. These viruses can corrupt the files partially or sometimes will delete complete folder.
  • System crash: If your computer suddenly stopped working due to the system crash when the PST file is in use, then all data stored in Outlook will become in an inaccessible form.
  • Improper shutdown: If you have turned off your computer system while the Outlook is performing some other tasks, the PST file will get damage.
  • Interruption during compaction: When compacting PST file if you get any error, the compacting process will stop and it causes PST file corruption.
  • Oversized PST file: If you have stored a number of emails and other Outlook data, the PST file size will increase automatically and it will get damaged when it reaches its maximum size.

Above mentioned scenarios lead to PST file damage; the oversized PST file is the main reason. In these scenarios, you may lose important data and you want to get back all lost data in any condition. Then you can make use of some third party tools like PST repair tool, which can repair PST and recover all lost data from the Outlook.

This PST repair tool is developed by some industry experts in order to fix large PST file. This software can repair PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016 etc. Using this application you can also recover unintentionally deleted emails and even the compressed files can also be repaired. It also has the option to search PST file if you don’t know the location of it. The trial version of this software is also available on the company website, so, you can download it and estimate Outlook recovery before purchasing the full version of the software.