Recovery of Deleted Files from Memory Card After Format

SD card, Micro SD, Flash card etc. are multiple names of memory card and with the help of this device you can easily store the files. Even you can access the files after storing it as it provides this facility to the user. As it is very small in size so easy to carry different places and it can be easily fitted in the various devices. It doesn’t occupy much space in the device but it is capable of storing large amount of data. Due to its wide applications, it is used in different electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital camera, consoles, camcorders, and many other devices which really help the customers to store their files.

There are various brands of memory card like Transcend, Sony, MicroSD, Samsung, Kingston, etc. and these brands designed the different sizes memory card depending on the capacity needs of the data. If users need small space for storing the files then 2GB size SD card will be suited.  Like this 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB are the different sizes of the memory card that are available in the market for the users.recover deleted files from memory card after format

The different files such as images, audio files, MOV file, software, games, MS files, Outlook files, apps, etc. that can be easily store and also can easily access with the help of the memory card. Even though these memory cards are widely use by the different people around the world but sometimes files get easily deleted or lost from it. There are several reasons for the loss of files from the memory card, let us discuss one of them first in order to get some idea of how easily the files get deleted from the memory card.

Let us suppose you are using SD card in a device but suddenly the device get slow in its performance due to the corrupt of memory card. When files of SD Card attack get affected with virus or any harmful attacks then it may corrupt SD card.  So the user thinks of improving the performance of device. Then it is needed to format the memory card so that the affected files will get erased and there will be no virus now. So user opt for formatting the SD card and this will leads to delete entire  data and make memory card as new one again. To get back the files after format then make use of the tool named as Recover Deleted files from memory card.

Unique features of this Software:

  • This is tool is especially designed to recover deleted files from memory card after format also and it will easily recovers the different type of files supported by the memory card.
  • Many different options are available in this Software which help user in recovering the different files in just few clicks.
  • It is well equipped with scanning procedure by which it scans the total device and it perform recovery of deleted files from memory card after format on the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system with ease.

Now lets us discuss some useful tips which help us to know about how can prevent the loss of data from memory.

  • Scan the memory card regularly to prevent the files of memory card from the attack of virus.
  • Don’t sudden remove or insert memory card while using the device, as it corrupt the data of memory card.