Best Way to Repair Corrupted Word Files

MS Word as we know it is a very important tool, which users prefer to build documents or doc files of their respective work culture. The users type and save their work in these doc files. Users use MS Word commonly, so as to create a document file’s and send it through the internet via e-mails because almost every user who uses a computer does have a word processing tool to view the doc file. Even though its ease of use and user-friendliness, doc files sometimes are very hard to open & view. The reason could be due to corruption. Yes, they are bound to get corrupt for many reasons and the on- board repairing tool may not come handy in needful times. So, if you ever encounter a corrupt doc file which seems important to you, does not open on word processor try this repairing tool “Repair Corrupt Doc File” to repair your document file for further use of that file.

Encountered error messages while opening a doc file!

Since a document cannot be explicitly known for how it got corrupt and prompting error messages, following are some instances of error messages user usually encounters for a corrupt document:

  • MS Office Word has encountered a problem and needs to close
  • Unknown error, MS Office Word will close now
  • The file was not being able to read
  • User does not have the Privileges, MS Word cannot open the doc file

These are usual error-prompting messages that tell about the doc/doc x file being corrupt. When these file’s gets corrupt, their header files are scattered which the MS Word cannot recognize and open them. Corruption issues are so drastic in nature they literally don’t allow access to important documents and make repair vulnerable with onboard tools. And due to this a lot of work remains pending, non-achieved & leading to start working on data from the scratch. MS Word itself has some repairing techniques but they can only repair up to some extent. Repairing a wrong extension, repairing templates, normal macros repair. But when it comes to some severe threats causing corruption, users can’t rely on MS Word itself for repair. So why spend time on unrealistic and unsafe tools to repair your doc/docx files when we have this repair tool where we can repair those files easily.

How does a document get corrupt?
We all have encountered this issue where our important word file is not responding and seeking repair. Non-responsive nature of such word files could be many and this happens due to corruption. Corrupting of a word document can take place in many ways, of which some are stated below:

Document congested with images & tables- When a word file contents are tables and images, those files need to be saved with proper extensions. Improper extensions lead to document corruption for which repair is required.

Corrupted Templates-Templates in the Word is a type of document which creates a copy of itself when the user tries to open it. These templates need to be saved in respective file format or extension and when saved in wrong extension or format, it corrupts the data and ultimately needs repair.

Macro errors- They are a set of commands and instructions grouped together as a single command to achieve a task automatically. Improper macros lead to doc file corruption which later requires repair of that files

Third-party tools for repair- Using non-reliable tools in repairing a word file can further increase your crisis as they may make a particular word file more complicated in getting repaired

Storage media corruption- Since all type of data is stored and saved on computers hard drive, a possible storage device may be corrupt already due to virus attack, bad sectors etc. causing data such as word file, data files etc to get corrupt for which on-board repairing turns out to be a failure

Sharing of data- This usually takes place in two modes, either through emails or through USB flash drives. The latter mode may be corrupt due to many reasons such as file table corruption, malware infected flash drive etc.Excessive read-write operations performed on a doc file also leads to file corruption. The file structure of the doc file gets corrupted in this case and one needs to employ a repair mechanism to regain the data.

Abrupt Shutdown-File structure of a doc file can be corrupted due to abrupt shutdown of the system causing damage to file structure or improper exit from MS Word can lead to corruption of doc files.

Files from internet-Files downloaded from internet or emails are sometimes already corrupt due to malware attacks or wrong file extensions. Since uploading is sometimes clean, not always, uploaded doc files get corrupt when downloading them. This tool helps in overcoming the corruption and making the doc files ready to view and edit after repair.

Highlights of the DOC/DOC X repair tool

Safely repairs all MS Word files-This repair tool remains one of the high rated Word Repair Tool available in the market for its outstanding repair features. It can repair any corrupt doc/docx file in a matter of few minutes. Whatever be the reason for doc file to get corrupt, this tool manages the repairing of word files far more better than its competitors because after repairing the doc file, it maintains the original integrity of the doc file as it was before corruption. This software is efficient enough to repair corrupted Word document on all major versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.

Self-Guiding User interface-Easy to use and user-friendly interface makes it one of the most promising repair tool

Log report generator-On repairing, it generates a log table which contains repaired files list.

OS Support-Many versions of MS Office Word are supported by this repair tool namely MS Word 2000,2003,2007,2010, 2013 and 2016.

Corruption-error correction capability-Covers almost all word file corruption-errors which a user may encounter while accessing a word file and if this tool is employed for repair, it effectively resolves the minor issues with complex ones.

Guide to using the tool in order to Repair your doc/doc x file:
Step 1 After downloading the Repair software on your system, run the executable file which will setup and install the tool
Step 2 On the main window click on the tool icon which will open and firstly prompt you to browse & select the corrupt doc file. Select the corrupt doc file and click “Repair” option on the screen
Step 3 During “Repair” the software scans all the files and generates new & healthy doc files which are available for viewing in “Preview” option

During scanning in “Repair” option, the software thoroughly scans the particular drive in which the corrupt data is present and repairs corrupt items one by one. While repairing the user is provided with the option to choose which documents he/she wants to repair out of the corrupted items. Repaired items are available for later preview in the “Preview” option. While viewing the repaired corrupted items, a user can save or delete any repaired item.
If satisfied with the demo version of this Repair Word Tool, go ahead and purchase the licensed version to repair your corrupted word files.