Safely discard information through digital shredding

If you have sensitive or secret information stored on your PC then you need to be aware that anyone can access your data. This includes the record of any websites you have visited as well as financial records and personal emails. Of course, you might be thinking that you have deleted this information or erased your Internet history. This will protect you from a slight cursory examination but anyone either legitimate or not that really wants to get at your personal information can do so easily with a downloadable data recovery program.

When you delete a file your PC does not wipe clean all of the code in that file. Instead, it simply marks that space on your hard drive as available to write. In order to permanently remove a file or other information from your PC, you will need to use REMO File Shredder. This powerful program has been designed to scramble code of the information you wish to remove so that it can never be reassembled. REMO File Shredder is so powerful it meets the standards for destruction of secret information as set by the US Department of Defense.